About me

I am a full stack developer who is more focused on front end development. I am excellent Java angular developer who has more than 3 years experience with it. Now I am widening my focus in to learning React and working with GATSBY static site generator to build awesome web sites. As side projects I love to work with AI, and Data mining projects.


  • Currently I work as a Full Stack Developer ( more focued on front end) at buzzflow PVT LTD.

  • I started my carrier as a Software Engineering Intern at Totalamber Asia Pacific PVT LTD (Software Engineering Intern) attached to thier R&D team.


  • BSc Engineering (Hons), Specialized in Computer Engineering (Faculty of Engineering University of Peradeniya)

  • Ananda College - Colombo 10 passed GCE A/L with Z-score of Z score - 2.1217.


  • Cricket Sabermetrics: A Data Mining Analysis of Cricket Engineering Students Conference at Peradeniya (ESCaPe)

    The game of cricket has a wide wealth of complex statistical data associated with the game. Analysts and fans throughout history have crunched the numbers, trying to make meaning out of this vast pool of data. The aim of this project is to attempt the same using data mining techniques to hopefully unearth key underlying data patterns that can be used to accurately model in-game performances.

    see publication

Technologies I love to worked with

I worked with several front-end and back-end technologies over the years, I am predominantly Java + Angular guy who know little bit of React. Want to know more, take a look at my toolbox

Programming Languages

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C
  • Ocaml
  • Python
  • Arudio

I am proficient in Javascript and Java.

Java Frameworks

  • Hibanate
  • Maven
  • JUnit

Javascript Frameworks

  • angularjs
  • angular
  • react

Javascript libraries

  • orgChart
  • dragula
  • bootstrap
  • angular material



Version Control

  • git/github
  • SVN

Data Mining Tools

  • Weka
  • Orange

Mobile Technologies

  • Andriod
  • Ionic 4

Cloud Technologies

  • Google App Engine
  • Cloudanary